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Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

祝大家阖家中秋乐! Here is wishing everyone a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! Here are some photos of the Mid Autumn lantern decorations I have taken recently at the Gardens by the bay in Singapore! The lantern decorations drew references from the rich chinese traditions, myths and heritage that I was introduced to since I was little. Walking around these decorations really takes me back to a time when I was bugging my parents to get me a lantern of my favourite childhood cartoon, while every kids on the block could be seen playing with candles and carrying a lantern around the neighbourhood. Also known as the Moon cake festival, it is held on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month when it is believe the moon is at it's fullest and is the hallmark of a bountiful harvest and thanksgiving. The round shape symbolises unity, reunion, and completeness in chinese culture and it is the perfect time for families to gather, eat moon cakes and moon-watch with the ubiquitous carrying of lanterns with varying shapes and designs to light up the streets. hashtag#interventions hashtag#design hashtag#midautumnfestival hashtag#art hashtag#mooncakefestival hashtag#lightdesign hashtag#installationart hashtag#experientialdesign

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